Please post ideas for security features, mounting brackets and stands. Please include photos and designs for everyone to see.
By picdic
IMAG1284.jpg (2.28 MiB) Viewed 3226 times

and on this one, I added some connections on the sides to tie off to for tying to the tree. I prefer to just use rope instead of the straps that come with the cams. the python cable goes on higher up, then I snug the box tight to the tree with the lower rope. like I say, my concern is bears, not people. I want it so the bears can't get any headway at all when they go at them.
By picdic
IMAG1289.jpg (1.69 MiB) Viewed 3226 times

so there's the box with the necessary holes cut out and the cam fitting in all nice.
By picdic
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the old paint is usually pretty oxidized, so I scratch it clean with my fingernails so the new paintjob will definitely stick.
I added an extra lock-point to this box, because the door has a bit of a lip, and I just felt like that could possibly be a spot where a bear could grasp with it's claws. always better safe than sorry. I prefer overkill.
By picdic
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this box was my first one, and is still my favourite. it's a tank, and not the most fun to haul into a spot, but I know that it's gonna survive.
By picdic
IMAG1218.jpg (2.18 MiB) Viewed 3225 times

so I get the cam set up inside all comfy and how I want it. I love the hinged door on this box.
By picdic
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here's what the back of the boxes mostly look like. spots already there for putting lag screws through, or, putting the rope through like I do.
By picdic
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here's this one's main home, at least until about October, then the whities just completely disappear from this area. and prior to that, the bucks are strictly nocturnal anyway. but it's still nice to always see them on cam. especially to see that they survived the previous hunting season.
a little too much rope, but this was one of my favourite ropes and I didn't want to cut it. then I kept forgetting to take something in with me(every darn time I went and checked it) to replace it with. but i'll tell ya, that thing doesn't budge even a whisker.
By picdic
this box is pretty much never at home. I think it's been back once since I made it. I need to add some of those side hooks for tying off to. now that I think of it, I actually did change it. i finally did cut that rope. and I fed it into the holes in the back and melted the ends with a lighter. I finally got tired of it taking 10 minutes just to get all the rope unlooped each time, then all looped around again to tie it back. this cam might actually be under snow now. where it is now, it's real low down on a tree. it's on a hillside, and to have it so it was catching the game at the right height, it had to be facing kinda sidehill and needed to be low on the tree. we've had loooots of snow this year, up high anyway. but, we've rounded the bend now, and spring is on the horizon. if it's lasted this long, it might as well tough it out the rest of the way.
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