Please post ideas for security features, mounting brackets and stands. Please include photos and designs for everyone to see.
By speed2spare
Check out the ETN Cutler Hammer air conditioner disconnects. You can get them for about $6 brand new on sale. Pull the guts out and toss them. The homebrew camera guys have been using them for this purpose for years.
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By snakelk
Thanks for posting the pics of your boxes Picdic. Nice work! If I can find some switch boxes for cheap, I'll give it a try.
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By snakelk
20180415_204732.jpg (1.33 MiB) Viewed 4251 times
20180415_204849.jpg (1.18 MiB) Viewed 4251 times
20180415_204755.jpg (1.32 MiB) Viewed 4251 times
20180415_204707.jpg (1.25 MiB) Viewed 4251 times
Okay, I gave a homemade lockbox a try. This is a $10 box from Lowe's. I used a Dremel and some cutting discs I bought on Amazon. There has to be something better than what I had for cutting the steel. Suggestions? What do I need to buy that will cut the steel ? This was very slow going and I ended up drilling some holes and using a hacksaw where I could. Obviously my cut out is not pretty, but I think this will work. I'll give the box some paint and get it out in the woods soon.

I just need some tips on what cutting bit I works best in a Dremel for cutting this relatively thin steel. Picdic, any suggestions? Anyone?

This box isn't deep enough for a lot of my cams, so I needed one with more depth and ended up buying a Square D model to try. It wasn't what I'd call cheap, at $14.85, but I wanted to give it a shot. Again, I had difficulty making nice cuts through the steel and it took me a long time. I'll post pics of the Square D box with a Browning trail cam later.
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By snakelk
I ordered some Dremel EZ-lock Cut-off wheels with mandrel. I think these will work a lot better than what I first tried.
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By snakelk
Boxesraw.jpg (1.5 MiB) Viewed 4216 times
20180417_211652.jpg (1.74 MiB) Viewed 4216 times

Here's the Square D box for a Browning Strike Force BTC-5. Experimented with some texture/camo to dress it up a bit. I'll probably do something similar to the Bushnell box.
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By snakelk

these boxes are simply perfect for cams. they are steel. they have hinged doors. they already have a lock-latch. and they have mounting holes in the back, that are perfect for lag screws, or, how I use them, I put rope into them, melt the end of the rope so it's enlarged and cannot be pulled back through, then use that rope for securing to the tree. the only extra thing I do to them, is make holes for the python cable......except for this one, where I had to widen the box slightly in areas.

I haven't found any boxes for free yet, but I did find the same Square D box you used in the picture for $12.88 at Home Depot. I also picked up a smaller, shallower Halex box for $6.98. The Square D box is nice and is a good size, other than being not quite wide enough for a lot of cams. I see where you cut out the sides to accommodate the Browning (looks like a Strike Force). I think I will give that a try. Thanks again for the ideas!
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By snakelk
Made some progress. Had to cover the shiny silver padlocks. I'm going to modify the new box to fit a Browning Strike Force next, and see how that goes.
20180420_064651.jpg (2.02 MiB) Viewed 4183 times
20180420_064659.jpg (2.04 MiB) Viewed 4183 times
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By picdic
those look awesome. what did you use for the camo? did you smear some chocolate icing all over them? should get some dandy bear pics with that. loving that texture camo idea. worked great on the locks as well.
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By snakelk
those look awesome. what did you use for the camo? did you smear some chocolate icing all over them? should get some dandy bear pics with that. loving that texture camo idea. worked great on the locks as well.

Thanks. I used Liquid Nails construction adhesive and then Rustoleum camo paint. It takes a while for the Liquid Nails to fully harden, but eventually it does. I've got a few more boxes in the works, just need to make time to finish them.

I have one of the Moultrie white flash cameras, and it's a challenge to find a cheap switch box of the right size for this relatively large trail camera. Still working on trying to figure that one out.
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By snakelk
Here's the Square D two-piece box I finished for a Browning Strike Force. I realized after the fact that I cut an unnecessary slot on one side of the box (camera would have fit with just one side cut out). It should still be effective. I brought home a piece of Douglas Fir bark, since that's typically the kind of tree I mount to, just to see how my camo looks with it.
20180504_181657.jpg (2.09 MiB) Viewed 3635 times
20180504_181717.jpg (1.71 MiB) Viewed 3635 times
20180504_181833.jpg (2.37 MiB) Viewed 3635 times
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