Please post ideas for security features, mounting brackets and stands. Please include photos and designs for everyone to see.
By picdic
loving those. they have turned out great. something I have found, when painting my boxes, is that I get them done to where I think they look great, and almost every time, they are still way darker than their natural surroundings out in the woods. and i'll even consider that when painting, yet I still end up being much darker. there seems to be way more grey and lighter tones than I seem to realize.
By picdic
IMG_0387.JPG (2.15 MiB) Viewed 3660 times

here's my latest box that I found to use for my next cam. have had the box for a couple months now, waiting on my decision on my next cam to be made.
By picdic
oops. that's the box with my new cam starting to fit inside. some of my pics seem to be too large a file size to upload.
By picdic
IMG_0386.JPG (2.63 MiB) Viewed 3660 times

so here's the new cam fitted into it's new home. I went with the browning recon force advantage. and she fits like a glove.
By picdic
IMG_0388.JPG (2.62 MiB) Viewed 3660 times

so some sketching and cutting and it started to take shape really well.
By picdic
IMG_0396.JPG (3.22 MiB) Viewed 3660 times

then add some holes for my rope and python lock. and then a splash of paint.
By picdic
I seal up any holes in the boxes with a glue-gun. make sit a little more waterproof, but will also help with the spiders that love to make a home inside.
By picdic
IMG_0397.JPG (3.84 MiB) Viewed 3660 times

I added a sun-shade/snow-hood to the box. and it was very clear right away that it helps block the sun very well.
By picdic
IMG_0392.JPG (2.48 MiB) Viewed 3660 times

i'm expecting a bear to have that sun-shade torn off fairly quickly. the epoxy I have seemed to have gotten old and wouldn't mix like it is supposed to. so it didn't harden to like-steel as it normally does. we'll see how it holds up.
By picdic
that little brother, strikeforce, won't do anything now when I turn it on. just bought it last year, and now when i'm ready to go set my cams out for the season, it won't do anything when I turn it on. just shows battery level and won't do anything.
consider this a big X in regards to browning t-cams.
I've said before that they make WAY too many cams. they have several models, and then a few sub-models of those models. i'm thinking they have gone way too far in mass-production, and have suffered in quality.
and sad that companies like TCP rave about them so much and rate them so highly, seemingly disregarding clear issues that they have.
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By snakelk
That new box looks great! I like the rounded corners and the sun shade is a nice touch. Thanks for posting the pics. I agree with you about the boxes always turning out darker than anticipated.

I just got back from checking some cameras that have been out for a year, all without bear boxes. Although I did bring 6 boxes with me, I lost two cameras to bears, and most were not how I left them. Hopefully the boxes will do the trick!

I agree with you about Browning. Way too many models. I have (had) 4 of the old BTC-2 Recon Force cams, and none of them function normally now. Granted they are old, I still expect at least one or two to still be working.
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By Woody S
"I just need some tips on what cutting bit I works best in a Dremel for cutting this relatively thin steel."

I've made 20+ lock boxes using steel 60 amp A/C disconnect boxes. The first I tried cutting with a Dremel and quickly realized that was not the way to do it; ever since I've used my scroll saw with a 10 or 20 tpi wood cutting blade. Usually I can do two boxes before the blade gets so dull it won't cut a straight line or breaks -- the blades are cheap and cut the steel really quickly, so if you have a scroll saw try it.

For 3D camo on all the boxes I use Loctite premium construction adhesive; it hardens overnight and then I paint the camo with a mix of Rustoleum camo dark brown, green and tan.
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