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My game cam is 45 minutes from my house, I'm in the process of setting up a 12V battery system for my Wildview xtreme 3. The thing is, I would like to avoid downtime, and can't really afford to drive up more than once/week. If I only have one 12v battery, once it dies I would have to take it home 45 minutes, charge it, and bring it back the next week. What I'm wondering is if there is a way to charge one of these 12V sla batteries using jumper cables attached to my truck battery, like you would charge a car with a dead battery. The other solution, would be to buy 2 batteries, but keeping cost down would be ideal. Would this be possible, and if so would it be reasonable, or would I have to leave it on the cables so long that it wouldn't be worth it? Thanks.
Open up your box and write the numbers down off of the battery.

Go online and get another battery.

Half of the cost of the external is the case.

I have external batteries that I made up that do not have a case, they are just the battery and the cable with connecters on the wires.

I have a moultrie charger that I use to charge the batteries.

It is 6 volt, so I don't know what you have, but I have jury rigged most of my cams now.

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