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I've been using my I-40 on a trail in video mode. Most of the deer come at night and the trail goes pretty close to the camera. I have numerous videos of the deer entering the field of view and then running away or just backing out when they hear the IR filter move into place. Is it possible without damaging the camera to fix that IR filter in place so it doesn't clunk? I don't care if my daytime pictures are in color or if the color is "off" from the IR filter, I just want to see what comes by and at what time without scaring the deer off. If I could set it to always stay in IR mode that would be fine.
isn't the clunk during the day time?

I know it does clunk in the day time.

but I don't think it clunks at night. I think the filter blocks out ir light and that is why it moves up during the day (you don't want ir light to get to the lens or your pics will have a funny color to them) then at night the filter stays out of the way to allow the ir light of the flash to get to the lens. my I60 is now my bosses I60 so I can't check right now but this is what I remember. As a side note normal point and shoot cameras have an ir blocking material on a piece of glass inside the lens so not to allow any type of ir light into the camera.
OK, then I have it backward. Can I make the filter stay down without damaging the camera? I know that most of the pictures in the daytime have the deer looking at the camera. I moved the camera away from the trail and the deer that use the trail just ignore it now, but there always seems to be one that has to go check out the camera (off the trail) and then spooks away.
it might just be the camera, they are rather large. it would be interesting if you had another camera to put it out hidden aiming at the moultrie and leave the moultrie off and see how the deer react.
Watch this video I made. You will see a deer get spooked in the day time "after" the video is already running so its not the noise. Its the camera itself. this segment is in the very beginning...

I am using a Moultrie I40 or I60 here. (both are same size)

Yep, woodies are back.

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