Use this forum to discuss modifications to cameras for retrofitting external batteries, solar panels, and case mods not related to camera security.
By schling_us
What is moultries plug type (radio shack part) that is used on there feeders and cams for solar panels, I want to make some external battery packs with these plug-in conectors. Thanks guys
By fx4hauler
I just bought a D-40 today, first camera, and would like to make up a battery pack also. Looking forward to the answer.
By duke243
I have a moultrie D40 and I bought a solar power panel for external power. Well the solar panel shows 100% charge but the camera shuts down and will not take pictures. I have to manually power it up and it will run for a couple of days and then shuts down again and you have to repeat the process. What is wrong.?

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