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I just bought a 2 pack of Wildview Ez-cam 1.3mp trail cams. Setup a cam in a pretty busy spot and in 5 days had about 250 pics. A fair amount used flash and the batteries are coming up low. These cameras have a 12V external power jack in the bottom of the camera. I have a 12V 4aH battery that I wanted to hook up to it. So I found a plug that fit made sure the polarity was correct. Positive center, negative outside. The battery is charged up and I went and connected it up. and I hear POP and I smell something burning. NOT GOOD. unpluged it and now it wont work. What did I do wrong. Luckily these were cheap. I checked the battery and it reads like 13.3v which i suspect is way to high. But usually when you see a 12V rating on stuff a typical fully charged 12v is 13.2v anyone know for sure that it is supposed to be a 12v battery? Even on Wildview's website it says 12V and on the box the cameras came in. I really need to increase the battery life because I can only get out to my camera about every 14 days. So before I fry another one anyone got suggestions?

Hi Josh and Welcome to the forum :D

In one of the other threads there has been discussion on this. Not your particular cam, but it seems that you need to plug the external 12v in before you turn the camera on. You might give that a try. Sorry about frying a cam. I will find the thread and post it here so you can have a look at it.

These are for the I590 cam but I would try hooking the battery up first before turning on the cam. Hope this helps.


Thanks for the welcome. So is a fully charged 12v battery still ok to use being that it is charged at 13.2V when fully charged. I will go try the other camera and leave the power off and then plug it in and then switch it on to see. Keeping my fingers crossed that I dont smoke the other one.

Thanks again.
Well just to test I used the camera that I thought I had fried. Well turns out when I put batteries in it. The camera still works. So just for the heck of it i took the batteries out turned off the camera, plugged the external 12v battery to the 12v jack and then turned it on, and what do you know it seems to be working again, maybe whatever inside started burning didn't fully damage it. I just turned it on and it just took 6 pictures with flash no problem at all. You think they would tell you this in the manual not to have it on while hooking it up to the battery. One thing to note do not stare into the flash directly.... I'm seeing stars and black spots. LOL... This makes me happy. Think I'll still go and exchange the burning smelly one for a new one just to be on the safe side. If you ever find that old post about this let me know. And for anyone else hooking these up to an external 12V battery up to a Wildview Trail cam MAKE SURE ITS IN THE OFF POSITION FIRST. then hook up the battery then turn it on. I'm going out today to setup the camera and external battery. We'll see how long it lasts and if this truly is the cause of why it almost got fried. Hopefully this is the solution and leaving it hooked up wont eventually melt it.
Hi Josh,
You will need a place like Photobucket to upload your pics to. You will need to register and it is free. Before you upload make sure the pic size in Photobucket is set to 640x480. That is the size most of us use and the administrators want us to use.

Once uploaded, there is a img link below the pic. Right click and copy the link. Come over to here and start a post. When ready for the pic, right click and paste the link. Do a preview before submitting to make sure everything looks like you want it to. Then hit submit and we will all be able to see the pic.

Hope that helps.

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