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By Dewayne
I have designed a circuit board that will supply 6vdc and 4.5vdc in order to power my Leaf River IR-7SS.

The cost of batteries can add up when you have to replace 4 D cells and 3 C cells.

As 95% of my cam use is at home or out camping I have access to 110vac power most of the time and if
I don't I can stuff some batteries into it.

If any of you want to know how this works out, post a reply here. If I don't get any response I won't
clutter up this forum with needless text.
By Dewayne
The power supply is built.

I can adjust both voltages (6 & 4.5) but I grabbed the wrong size resistors (120k instead of 1.2k) that are in the voltage
adjust circuit. I can get 4.5vdc but the 6v side will only go up to 5.75vdc, When I get the correct resistors this should correct
the 6v adjustably.

I've taken some pic's and I'll post them when I get it working correctly.
By Dewayne
The power supply is completed and working. I connected it to the cam and the battery levels are showing 100%.

Here are some pic's.

This one is the etched circuit board. If you look at the far left side you will see the trace was not etched very well.
I had to solder a wire bridge in that spot to complete that circuit.


This one is the completed circuit board without the heat sinks on the regulators.


Here is the completed power supply in it's enclosure.


And the completed project. I need to monitor the heat and if it gets to hot I'll have to drill some holes on the sides.


This pic show how it is connected into the cam. If you look along the bottom edge of the cam housing, just to the left
of the cable you can see where I filed a small notch for the wires to feed through.


This one shows the cam and power supply together. The black connector is a trailer connector I purchased from NAPA
and I cut it down to 3 wires.

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