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By Chug
Borrowed a Wild View trail cam. Buddy said it eat's batteries.. YEP. 4 " C " Cells in about a week or 135 photo. After that Cam just goes bonkers taking photo's.

Posted Question on how too, for this cam?.

Papabob Gave me some Super Great Info on how too!
Add more Hours to the camera. THX Papabob

So, since not my Cam. Had to wait for buddy to return home before Cutting into his cam. :-)

One thing we did instead of Using solder. Used dowels, for keeping the Trail cam for C-batteries Just in case we did a boo boo.

Costs. $19.99 for a 6 Volt Recharge Battery ( used in Electric Fences). Yep, those things went up in costs.
Rest was laying around the barn.
Two wire connectors for splice
1 outdoor water proof Connector (forgot name).
2 Connectors for Battery.
4 Feet of Wire from Cell phone plug. Chopped for use. :-)

the Unit

Take wood Dowel, Broom handle. Cut to shap 2" roughly Just enough for Pressure Fit inside the Trail cam.

Add Color code to Each one.

Add Wire connectors on top Crimp wire, Then just use Wood screw into the dowel On one end.
due same with the Negative Side. ( Use bigger Connector base due to Neg side of Spring ). Add enough wires for mounting, an placement for Batteries.
We used 1 battery. But Could add more to the same wire In parallel To retain the 6 volts, but increase hours.

Pick up the O-Ring seal Gently, Just enough to work the edge. Dremel tool would be handy. We used Hacksaw & 2 beers. Made notch, for wires.
deep enough for wires to seal in place. Will need to Secure the base, to prevent wires from being pulled out.
Add Silicone to seal it.


Test all wires with Ohm Meter.
Plug Wires into 6 Volt battery, due test run. Yep works.. whew.

So far its working. This set up is now set up in a field. So, Now it's the waiting game.

Hope this helps someone. Got more photo's if need them
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By Chug
Some results on this Set up. using ONE 6 volt battery,

Checked trail cam today. Dead.

Ran tester on battery 2 volts.

Roughly 48 to 50 photo's Both day & few flash.

Temps were colder, was sitting on ground with plastic Coffee can on top.

Could be either cold, or just laying on ground. Adding the battery to the outside was easy.
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By Chug
Now you need to go to the next step and add a solar panel for him. You will need a regulator to keep the batteries from overcharging.

Will mention that to him.. But he has been Eye balling my Sg550, just tad too much. He has grown to like those, after buying a few from Busybee.

I have my Sg550, strapped to a tree at his house, LOCKED... grins.. Trying to catch mystery critter going under fence.. So far, Cats, Possums. are the only critters. Cam is still soaking for few more day's before I go check.

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