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I have been a lurker on this site for several years and have found it very helpful. I have seen several post concerning the IR flash spooking deer or letting people see the camera at night. I've started putting an IR filter over the flash array of all my IR cameras. It is a thin filter made by Lee which can be cut and the edges glued over the flash. It is a Infra Red #.87 Polyester Filter. It does block all visible light from the LEDs. Although I have several camera types I have several Leaf Rivers so I called the folks at Leaf River to see if they knew if these filters would affect the range of the flash and they said they didn't know. I have not done any testing but I can see a slight reduction in range. Anyone else fooled around with this type filter?
I am going to pull some of my cameras this weekend and will shoot some pictures with them. The filter does not appear to block all visible light on the new Leaf River IR-5 camera. Not sure why because I know it will block it on the old IR-3. You can still see the faint glow of the LEDs. Might try an 87C filter but I'll have to order one. I have a Cuddeback IR and Moultrie I-40 that I'm going to test also and will update.
By Golden Eagle
RHB, do you have any pictures to post using your IR filter? I've been reading up on these types of filters and was considering trying one myself. I have a moultrie I-40 that has a very bright red glow. When the camera is in video mode I have had some bucks that were very timid of the camera. I would be happy if I could just diminish the red glow to a faint red glow from the led emitters without sacrificing too much flash range.

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