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By Rick
Got a question that has probably been asked before,I have a buckshot 35 camera old school I know but it still works good,my question is is there any way that I can hide the flash from bein seen,like put some window tint over the opening for the flash or will that not work.The reason I ask is I am seeing a good buck near a couple of houses in a development and don't want to draw any attention to the camera by anyone for fear it might get stolen or someone sees the camera and puts 1 and 1 together.
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By BlackHillsDave
I think the only way would be to get some IR filter's or material and put over the camera lens and flash. Your pics during the day would be a green or red color but viewable and the night time should be black and white. The filters let the IR light to go through the flash and with a filter on the lens, it lets the camera see the IR light. There will be a red light flash, but a whole lot less noticeable than a white flash. Hope that helps some.

Maybe someone with a tad more expertise will post as well.
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By johnnydeerhunter
I don't think that just adding the ir flash material over the cams flash is going to work. The internal glass in the camera is still going to have the ir blocking filter on it that all white flash cameras have. You could try opening up the camera and removing the filter, maybe replace it with a plain piece of glass, but that could also give you a whole bunch of focus issues.

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