Use this forum to discuss modifications to cameras for retrofitting external batteries, solar panels, and case mods not related to camera security.
i know these would void any warrenty so you can PM them to me if you have them....saw where someone had said something about an external power supply for the WGI cams......that would be very nice to have.......Duracell Cs get pricy after a while
I had the same question as above.
Anthony wrote:
The positive terminal is the bottom left plate inside the left hand side battery hole and the negative terminal is the top right spring inside the right hand battery hole. How you choose to hook to these is up to you. The operating voltage is (6) six volts and be sure to observe proper polarity when hooking up. My battery of choice was a 14 amp hour SLA battery. We have it hooked up and operating just fine. I just ran the wires out the door. For those who are talented, a barrel plug jack mounted through the bottom of the case would be much better. Those parts are available at Radio Shack, but drilling through the case to mount it would definitely void any possibility of return.

I understand that just fine and dandy, but the case seems like it has a really good seal. I was wondering if anyone else tried this and had any advice or pictures of their mod?
I have 8 WGI cams with external batteries in the woods working right now.Can't hardly beat them for the money.Check out this thread I started about them last year.viewtopic.php?f=12&t=11906

This is just a little 6v 4.5ah SLA battery.I have a bunch of 12ah batteries to and they last a lot longer.Ebay is a good place to get these batteries.I bought a new 12v 7ah battery for one of my Moultrie cams the other day and paid $14 for it.
OK, I have looked threw all the threads and think this my be the route I take.

SayCheese---where do your wires come out at? I am thinking of drilling a hole and have them come out of the bottom.

Does anybody use a solar panel to recharge their batteries in the field?
OK, I have looked threw all the threads and think this my be the route I take.

SayCheese---where do your wires come out at? I am thinking of drilling a hole and have them come out of the bottom.

Does anybody use a solar panel to recharge their batteries in the field?
I really like mine.I have one WGI 1.3 that has been in the woods for over a year solid.So far I haven't had any of trouble out of it.I did get one cam that had a weak sensor but I traded it in for this years model.This years 1.3's are a little different.They have a better time/date stamp,the buttons work a whole lot better and they have a backup power supply that's supposed to keep you from having to set the time and date every time you swap batteries.You can run your wires where ever you want to out of the bottom as long as it's to the left or right of the SD card slot.Here is a better picture for you.
Here is a thread that talks about the use of a solar panel with one.This guy could probably help answer those questions.Good luck.
Say Cheese

do you use the pvc pipe method or do your wire straight to the pos/neg with alligator clips like Vogt_51 suggest?
I solder my wires directly to each connection.You could use alligator clips but I would be afraid of losing connection somehow.It may work ok.I'm just guessing.I tried the pvc thing and there were several times I returned to find a dead camera. :cry:
I got a new WGI IR4 for Christmas and the battery life seems to be much improved. Been out for 3 weeks with about 20-30 pics a week and the indicator still shows full charge.
I did discover a little issue with the review of this camera. Anthony mentioned that the LED indicators were kinda bright & recommended putting electrical tape over them to cover them. Well I did that and found out if you cover the PIR sensor up it thinks it's night time all day. And when it takes day pics they are nothing but white out images. So I removed the tape and it works fine.
When looking at the camera, the LED on the left is the one that turns red when it senses soemhting & then it turns green when it takes a pic. The right one is the PIR sensor and it doesn't light up.
But for the money this camera costs I don't think you can beat it on a cost per quality received scale. I'm gonna buy a couple more when they go on sale. Academy marks em down from time to time.
That sounds weird as far as the LED's.. Wonder if they made a design
change.. On mine, the PIR sensor is the large sensor to the left
and of the same size as the lens opening. On mine, the left LED
is red and is the trigger indicator, and the one on the right is green
and is the delay/not ready indicator. I cover both of mine and it has
no effect on the camera. But like I say, on mine and all others I've
seen, it's the large sensor next to the lens which is the PIR sensor.
The LED's shouldn't have anything to do with that, unless they
changed the design some way.
This is a pix of mine. I cover both the LED's with those little
rubber feet they sell for project boxes. They are bright and
will scare varmints. The PIR sensor is the white looking large
sensor to the left of the lens. It determines day/night by the
amount of light it sees. You will also notice that the camera
auto adjusts the image lighting. Also for video's.

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