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was lookin for a way to take the 3 WGI cams and the Bushnell TC 11-9700 i have and get rid of the brackets on the TC and the stupid bungees on the WGI cams.....well went to wally world and got some cinch straps from the camping section...$2 and some change each....have a buckle latch on them.....then went to the hardware section to get some hangers to mount on the cam.......found what they call "Sawtooth Hangers" which are used to mount to a picture frame then hang it from a nail...well took them and used good Epoxy and mounted them on the back of the cams......and wa-la...worked no more stupid bungees or goofy brackets.....just thought i would pass a little info on to some if they are lookin for the same thing
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