Use this forum to discuss modifications to cameras for retrofitting external batteries, solar panels, and case mods not related to camera security.
By bmac488
I need help from some of you guys on how to go about modifing the WGI cameras. I bought the 2-pack from Academy and they work GREAT, but they eat batteries like there is no tomorrow. any information would be greatly appreciated. thanks
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By Anthony

You have to determine the polarity and make sure you have that right. If you cant figure that out then you should probably shy away from doing this mod. :)
By bmac488
From what I understand, the positve is in the lower part of the left battery holder and the negative is in the upper part of the right battery holder. After I made my orginal post, I found some useful information on this forum that will help me.

If anybody has any other information, please send it my way. I am tired of replacing batteries every week or so on these cameras
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