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By Bushman512003
Bought a new Moultri 140 with Infrared Light....It has 6-D cell batt.or can use a 12volt power plug or so I think. Now I have a 12 VOLT 1300ma power cord from a batt. charger for Energizer rechargeable AA X4 battery's will it work ?I do not want to burn the unit so if it will not work is ther a way to go .I also have some Solor panels that I can use if again will not Burn up My camera I have not used it as yet ...Any Ideas??? or Help with this I ...John
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By Engineer
Most wall wart chargers or power supplies are not well regulated and can be noisy on thier power.

Yes, you can use a 12V battery but be sure you have the polarity correct before you plut it in.
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By Anthony
To start with you need a cable with the correct sized barrel plug. (available at radioshack). Next you must get the polarity correct. Use a 12V source. I dont know the tolerances on the camera for voltage. Many wallworts produce voltage outside the advertised range.

Moultrie makes an external battery/solarpanel combo unit by the way.

Our write up on the unit:
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