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By Gafftop
Has anyone tested 12 volt solar panels in the 12 volt port on the wildvies estreme 2 cameras? Would it keep rechargable batteries full and what would be the recommended Mili amps per hour?
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By ryanmac0051
I have read on the test reviews (on this web site) they tested the panel on a wildview extreme, can't remember which model but they all require the same power input. If I remember correctly it powered the camera OK but needed a good 4-5 hours of sun (panel aimed at morning sun is typically the best) - they did not mention anything about it recharging the internal batteries. I personally have a wildview extreme 2 and it requires a 12v 1.3 Ah power supply. I just use a rechargeable 12v battery since I cannot get good sunlight to any of my setups.

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