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By zr2paul
So after purchasing a solar spot light with sensor for my cabin from Home Depot and being impressed on how good the light and charge is I decided to purchase the smaller version and hook it up over my trail cam to extend viewing distance at night. I have to say for $40, it did the job great! I had my light about 12' off the ground above the trail cam and pointed a little too straight down...if I had pointed the light a little further out and maybe lowered the light down to 8-10' I would have had much better results. I did take it down as I didn't want it up for my deer hunting season but I plan to put it up again in the spring. Here are 2 pictures with and without the solar sensor spot lamp. You will notice how much more you see with the spot lamp and I noticed no change in deer numbers. If I were to change the position of the spot light the pictures would be much brighter.




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