Use this forum to discuss modifications to cameras for retrofitting external batteries, solar panels, and case mods not related to camera security.
I do not have one of these cams but have built mods for wildview and moultrie cams. I have been trying to find info on this mod for a buddy on another forum. apparently his camera has an external jack for a solar pack. anyone know if this jack is the same size as the bushnell TC? Is it a positive center? Also I am assuming since all other bushnell cams that I have seen are 6v that this one would follow suit. Any help would be appreciated.
We have the trail sentry with the solar panel plug and solar panel

I checked to see if the solar panel plug would fit the TC.

Nope- Too big.

TC is a M barrel plug
I once checked the solar panel for voltage and I think it put out seven volts when the sun was hitting it.

The Sentry we have has (4) 1.5 volt D batteries = 6 volts.

Not sure if you can plug 6 volt battery in the solar plug and what would happen.

We use rechargable D batteries.

We do not think the solar panel helps us out much.
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