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By efelien
Hello. I have a Leaf River DC-6SS trail camera, and I set it up near a road-kill to try and get a picture of an eagle. Well, the eagle came alright, but it was -10 degrees and the batteries wouldn't fire the camera. I got lots of pictures of ravens when it was warmer. The camera operates on 3 "C" cells (or 4.5 volts), and the motion detector, etc works on 4 "D" cells (or 6-volts). I know that I can wire the 6-volt part to a 6-volt SLA battery, but I can't find a 4.5 volt one. Do you think that the camera would work on a 4-volt SLA battery?, or could I set up two parallel circuits from one 6-volt battery with a dropping resistor in the 4.5 volt part? (how would you determine the necessary resistor?) And, how do you charge a 4-volt battery?
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