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By whiteynut
Hi, first post here.

I have a D40 that finally gave up the ghost so I ordered 2 I590's to take it's place. I don't like the idea of buying c cells by the case so looking for options.

I went through search with this question with no luck, hoping someone can share their experience for hooking this cam to a 12 volt external. Or is there a better way to go?
I use Rechargeable Eneloop AA batteries in most of mine.Usually get around 12 to 15 hundred pics per charge.I also have a couple of the Stealth 12V battery packs too.They are good for where you don't have to carry them far.The card usually fills up before the external battery goes dead.And the battery box that comes with them needs to have holes drilled in the bottom or they will fill up with water.Sometimes I see them listed as low as 39.00 but have never been able to buy any for this price.They are always sold out. Good marketing tool to get you to their site. :mrgreen:
The AA's are by far the best for me even tho you have to buy the adaptors to reduce to AA's.I bought mine from Ebay for 12.00 a set of 8. David

this one is 698 to 2700

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