Use this forum to discuss modifications to cameras for retrofitting external batteries, solar panels, and case mods not related to camera security.
Thanks again, T-post.

Got everything all hooked up to my Covert Reveal tonite and deployed it all at the edge of a cornfield. Recently the stalks were cut down and they are laying all over the ground with the ears still attached. I noticed evidence of the deer eating the corn on the husks.

So the cam and the external battery is set up there. I laid a trail of doe pee from the corn stalks on the ground over to my cam. :mrgreen:
I like the idea of the external batteries but I like the power pack that can go in behind the cam . I like the flat ones versus the typical ATV battery look . I dont use any externals because I would be afraid the squirrels would chew the power cords to pieces if they are exposed like I see most are
I am using a Werker 6 volt -14 Ah SLA battery. I paid $ 20 at Battery Plus. Get the highest Ah number for longer battery life between charges. ... /6V/1.aspx

Lucky... that battery is $28 "On Sale" at my Battery Plus location.

find a friend that works in the IT department of any corporation and ask him to see if he can score you some used SLA batteries out of their battery backup power supplies. most companies cycle these out every year. Most of them will be 12V rather than the 6V you are looking for though.
By engine823
Yes, it's ok to leave the AAs in the camera when using an external battery; in fact, some cameras require you to have the AAs installed when using an external battery in order for the settings to remain.

Different cameras work different ways when an external battery is used. Some cameras only draw from the external battery once the power cord is plugged in, others will draw power simultaneously from the internal AAs and the external battery; lastly, some cameras have a logic circuit that tells the camera to use which ever power source is the strongest (most charged).

I know this is a very old post but does anyone know what type of circuit the stealthcam G45NG and G42NG uses? I put new batteries in my stealthcam and also hooked an external source. The external source was only at 12.1 volts and of course, the internal batteries were new. The steathcam wouldn't run on the external source alone at all, it had to have the battery pack in it. With both hooked up, it just showed 100% battery on the LCD screen, I assume running on internal batteries. Curious if it's running on both at the same time or waiting until the internal batteries drop below the voltage of the external source??

Nice ones. Hope your ankles heals soon.

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