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By rortt
In the cheap range (<$50), what solar panel and included mount has everyone had success with?

I have a good amount of experience with solar, but I value a good quality mount (no pun intended). The Wildgame Innovations mount looks heavier duty than the others, but it is hard to find a store with all of the panels in there for comparison.

Primos, Moultrie, and Wildgame all seem to have $20-$35 (ebay prices) solar panels and mounts with bare ends or alligator clips to charge a rehargeable 6V battery.
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By Ol Arky
The 4th one down on this website has worked the best for me... ... rs_01.html

I use the 3rd one down on my feeders but have had better luck on cameras usin' the 4th one...

Here's a photo of the solar charger/battery pack I use... It's homemade and not pretty but works...

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By Chachoze
Is that your version of tree bark camo on the case Arky? lol

I've used the BL-EC6 from the same website attached to a 4.5ah sla, it did ok but was nothing stellar. In the end it just couldnt keep up with the amount of night photos for my Primos TC46 and 60BO as they have pretty heft power usage especially at night.

So then I decided to put the solar/batt pack on our Primos DPS TL cams thinking it could keep up with the lower power requirements but could only get a couple weeks before it was unable to keep the batt charged at an acceptable level. Then I decided to put two of those units on the same pack and wire them in parralel and now is alsways topped off when I check it once a month.

We also have a Wildgame unit which is identical to the 20577 unit form AH and it does almost as good as the two wired together.

I've always made my own mounts in order to fit them on the little square all weather electrical box I got from menards. However I would say the mount on the 20577 seemed pretty decent and it comes tree rat resistant cable guard.
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By Ol Arky
Is that your version of tree bark camo on the case Arky? lol

Like I said it ain't pretty... :mrgreen: :mrgreen: I need to use some treebark tape on the box but I've yet to find a camo that will match a pine trees bark and we have a lots a pine where we hunt...
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