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By chicky
Anthony, I am brand new to the world of trail cams so your website has been very helpful to me. I am trying to hook up a rechargable 6 volt battery to my Wildview .3 TGL1. Can I hook it up the same way as the bushenell with the wooden dowel that was shown on this website? Thanks for any help you can give.
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By peter nap
while Anthony is correct, if this is an older careful with the 12volt mod. Wildview clearly states that the tGL1 will take 12 volts, they mean 12 volts.13.2 (nominal voltage for a 12v battery) is pushing the limit.

Ask me how I know......

BTW..the dowel method will work fine.
By chicky
This camera does not have the external port.
By chrisward
If using the dowel method, which battery slot should be the postive and which one the negative? Would it be the same as the Bushnell or a different set up? What type of battery should I use? A 12v or a 6v? Thanks for the help, I love this web site

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