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By Mjn1979
Very interesting. I think by next year, this will be a new feature on all cameras. You are on to something! :lol:
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By T-post
I got the polarized 2" squares from Edmund Optics and glued a triangular shaped piece over the lens of my Panda.




I sent #500# command messages to the camera to get before and after pictures taken under similar conditions at the same time of day.



Earlier one of you guys mentioned that a polarized lens had to be rotated to find the optimal orientation for reducing glare. I wrongly thought that was a bogus statement. :oops: Today I received the polarized lens for a GoPro camera, and sure enough the video instructions show how to rotate the lens to determine the "up" position.

I still have the remainder of the 2" square that I cut my Panda filter from, so I took it outside and looked at the glare coming off of my truck bumper as I rotated the scrap piece of lens material...I'll be darn, it does make a I'll need to peel off the filter that I put on my Panda and replace it with a filter that is properly oriented....however, the filter makes a huge difference even if it's not rotated to the best position. :D
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By robnj
works nice. you just need some ears and lips on that camera :lol:
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By Chachoze
You Panda filter works pretty good as it is, not sure I would both changing it.
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By mikeinkaty
I need to get some of the film for both my 535 and 562. Why couldn't the manufactures put a little piece in each box? My 535 is bad for glare. The 562 not so bad but still there.

Just found this:

(Edited again)
I ordered two of those $2 polarized filters (21mm). It was easy to put on my UM535. I oriented it correctly then used a very small drop of super glue at the bottom. They aren't as dark as some others and they do block glare from white gravel or concrete. I may not use one when I deploy the cam in the field.
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