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Hiked in a long long way in for this set. Mounted the Spypoint Low Glow IR Booster above my Covert Black 60 overlooking a well-used deer trail exiting a swamp into a forest. Will let it soak for a couple weeks. Stay tuned.


I'm thinking I may have covered the day/night sensor with the transmitter. Does anyone know where the sensor is located? Is it embedded in the IR array? I know there is a red light that blinks on the upper left of the cam. Is the sensor there?
I may be wrong, but I think the sensor is to the left of your bungee cord near the curved (indented) portion of the camera.
I hope you're right. I really don't want to hike all the way back in and scent the place up again.
Should get some decent pics
It's huge and cumbersome.
Ya got about half of ya flash array covered with the Spypoint booster sensor... Like ya say we'll see haow it works... The ol' Uway extender's sensor was a lot smaller that the one on the Spypoint... :? :?

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