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By ryarber
I am thinking of building my own plot watcher camera. My food plots are anywhere from 1 to 3 acres. Having tried using trail cameras in time lapse mode to watch my food plots, I've come to the conclusion that I need at least 8 megapixel cameras (non interpolated) in order to get good coverage of my plots. A fish eye lens would help as some of my fields are difficult to cover from one location.

I was looking at options and some people are using a Raspberry Pi minicomputer and hooking up a IR filter free camera to it to act as a security camera. This would probably fit my needs, however, battery consumption seems to be a real issue with these devices. They measure battery life in terms of hours with this device as opposed to weeks or months with real trail cameras.

Since I have shooting houses on these plots, I was just going to put them into the shooting houses along with a large battery, like a lawn mower 12v battery. The Raspberry Pi device has a camera hookup on it and you can put up to an 8 megapixel camera on it. They do have a low light version of the camera the call the NoIR camera. It doesn't have an IR filter, so the camera will take color pics in the day and black and white at night. You can program the thing to do time lapse.

Has anyone tried doing this before?

The best cameras I have used as plot watcher cameras is the bushnell aggressor 12 megapixel. I believe they are true 8 megapixel cameras, but they interpolate up to 12 megapixel. I could be wrong about that, but their pictures are adequate for using on a large food plot. It is quite expensive for using in this way, however. Especially since I have about 20 food plots on my land and another 20 or so on a hunting club that I am in.

You can buy a raspberry pi minicomputer for about $25 and the camera is another $25. I figure I can get a lawn mower battery for another $25. We are then getting into the range of a cheap trail camera, but not one with a true 8 megapixel camera.

By NCOBrian?
Time lapse should be super easy... but forget the Raspberry PI. Too much power overhead for your application. A Microchip PIC that you put to sleep 99% of the time would be much better. Lots of free BASIC compilers out there, too.
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By johnnydeerhunter
You could probably build something with picaxe or buy a simple sniper control board and a picaxe programmer and customize the timing yourself.
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By mattpatt
I think Gary already has a program for the SS. If not, I may have one floating around somewhere.


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