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By Kane
Been messing around with an old Cuddeback Capture , I found a Coleman 6v rechargeable pack and charger at a thrift store for $1, then ran on to a Stealthcam battery box at a garage sale for $2. No idea how long it will last but if it keeps me from having to buy D cell batteries it is well worth the $3 and my time.

I was having really good luck with Dollar Tree batteries but lately they have been garbage. I had planned to buy some D rechargeables but just haven't, this camera is getting a bit "worn" so I hate to spend the coin on rechargeable D's when I have nothing else that uses them.

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By Kane
Thanks and yeah I figured it was worth a try and it seems to work fantasic! I used my small herd of barn cats as guinea pigs over night and it filled a 256MB card with pics...all with flash, and it has plenty of battery left. :) Before it would drain Duracells before a 256 was filled. Granted that isn't a huge amount of pics but for intitial testing I am pleased.

It is not nearly as fancy as some others here but it isn't nearly as expensive either. I didn't hard wire it to the camera yet since I wanted to test first so I will do that today using Deans connectors and seal it, then throw it out on the deer trails. I also was able to reset this cam and got it to works slightly better, the dial is messed up but I was able to get the 1 min delay back at least.

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