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By michaelb
I like to tinker, so while there may more practical solutions, I like to make what I have work.
One of my cams is a battery hog. I use it around the house so I can check it everyday.
I converted it to use 4.2 volt lithiums ( 4 cells in parallel) with a DC/DC boost to 6.5 volts
The boost board is rated to 2 amps.

This worked very well until the weather got cold.
Now I occasionally see blacked out video triggered at night
I suspect the set up delivers the voltage but not the amps.
Searching through the forums, I saw that there was a suggestion of adding a 470uf capacitor to the post boost board end .
My question is which wire is this added too? pos or neg?
By red sled
Wouldn't three cells in series provide a more optimal voltage (11.1v nominal voltage) for preventing blackouts assuming it's from low voltage like mine usually are ? Of course you won't have the same capacity of parallel cells unless you have room to connect the 3s packs in parallel (3s2p) or (3s3p).
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By michaelb
That would work if I was using a voltage reducer. I have done that on another camera but it does drain the battery more. I have also used three cells in series for a camera that accepted 9-12 volts external.
The camera in question takes 6 volts external.
Adding more cells in parallel would also help with the current and capacity
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By michaelb
On further testing, it does not appear to be a battery problem.
I tried standard batteries with the same issue.
Tested the LEDs and they were fine
Opened the electronics and found a spider in a sack.
It appears that the spider shorted something out.
So now the camera works without power to the LEDs
I will use an IR illuminator as this camera is used my my yard

Nice ones. Hope your ankles heals soon.

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