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hey guys,
i'm not very mechanically inclined but, i'm dying to know how to make an external battery for a wildview II that has an external battery port and i have a moultrie game watcher that runs on a 6volt lantern battery. i use rechargable on that one. can i hang a solar panel and just alligator clip it right onto the battery for that one? i've read thru all the posts and love them on this subject but, there is alot of info for a fool. :) can someone please spell it out to me?
Thanks so very much in advance,
can i hook it to like a lawn mower battery then? also, does anyone have the exact size of plug you need for a wildview? i have several junk chargers, if it will fit can a guy just cut the 110V off and put clamps on it and make it work to a lawn mower battery??
Type M barrel plug from Radio Shack part #274-1569 center post is positive. This plug
will fit your Wldview and Stealthcam.The wires you suggest may be too big to fit the plug.
You can use a 12v Mower battery just don't over charge it. You will need a voltmeter
to check it because regular batteries will charge to 13 + volts. I don't charge them past 12.5v
Nothing like the smell of burning electronics...
I have one wildview left and I use the lawn mower battery along with a voltage regulator made for in the car.

I have it set to 12 volts because the regulator will keep it at 12 volts instead of higher.

If you use an unregulated battery, you are quite likely to eff up your cam.

But at least it is just a wildview.

this one is 698 to 2700

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