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By custom1
New old Stock 2012 Dlc Covert Red 40 Camera's Sealed Factory Package.
$119.99 ea. Includes Shipping to U.S. 8 Available , Found these hiding in the warehouse Selling As Is No Returns.
red40  8 2.jpg
red40 8 2.jpg (1.24 MiB) Viewed 1007 times
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By Ol Arky
I have one that all the camo is faded to a light gray but it was still putting out pictures as of the last week in November this year and the battery life on mine is REMARKABLE...
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By Ol Arky
I have one too. free to good home.

I will give it a good home if no one else wants it.
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By reaperman
I saw this post a while ago and my first impression is a more attractive price may motivate buyers.
By Mjn1978
Buddy of mine picked one up once I showed him this.

I refer to this 2012 model year red40 and black60 as the golden cam.

Imo the red 40 2012 was a fairly solid cam for pics . And battery life was phenomenal. Had one run for over 2 years on set of ultimate lithium batteries and tens of thousands of pics.
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By Ol Arky
Mine is running on the same 12 alkaline rayovac batteries I put in it late September 2017. I don’t know how many pictures it’s taken but during the time I check it weekly it normally takes 200 to 300. When I checked it last in late November 2018 it was still showing full bars and it may have died since then. I’ll find out sometime in late January or February hopefully this time. I wish ever camera I’ve got since then would do just half as well as it has. Most only last for a year or so.
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