As the stickies and announcements get some age on them I will move them into this forum. Dont think that because they are in here there is not some good info here!

In the review for the Extinction you show actual pictures of the "low red glow" and indicate it is quite easy to see out to 15'. I agree, in the "high" setting your camera is programmed during the picture session, the glow is easier to pick up. Predator as always advertised with the extra emitters activated there would be a greater "low red glow".

If one would set the camera to the "low" setting, incedently turning off the extra emitters, the red glow becomes a less distinct light.

Granted, this will still not be a total 100% black flash, but this is what Predator has advertised as their "double vision" technology. This camera allows the operator the choice of activating the extra emitters for extended night flash range or keep the camera in the low/stealth setting for the least amount of red glow.
Your camera must be different from the ones we received. The setting for high low is still there but our cams do not have the extra 16 clear emitters (double vision) as described in the catalogs. Our cams only have the blue emitters. This was all described in the review with pictures of both arrays. That is why we wondered if what came out of the box was what we had ordered. The side of the case still says Evolution and the only place we found the word Xtinction was displayed on the menu.

Even the advertised MP ratings were different and the delay was also different. We can not figure where the low setting would be used if all the emitters are the same. The good cameras all have feedback that adjust the flash intensity to reduce IR burn.
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