As the stickies and announcements get some age on them I will move them into this forum. Dont think that because they are in here there is not some good info here!
The Reconyx was no surprise but I thought the Stealth would have faired better than the Cudde. Thanks!
Us too. Thats why we were so surprised. I even studied the photos and have the feeder centered in the photos for each cam. It could be differences in PIR cone that you see in a test like this as well. All cams PIR were 30" high to be fair and mounted in the same vertical plane on a curve whos radius is 17 feet and the feeder was at 17 feet. This was the only corn in the area. all cams were set on 1 minute delay.

Interesting, but I think I like the protocol your buddy at trailcampro uses. If you plan to use a camera on a bait pile or feeder, your test is fine. However, the protocol that trailcampro uses lets you tailor your camera selection to your application a little better.

I realize the data is still from the 2007 cameras, but I would still encourage folks interested in camera sensing to checkout as well.



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