As the stickies and announcements get some age on them I will move them into this forum. Dont think that because they are in here there is not some good info here!
Link to the review:


Some testing I did this morning and a production I put together. The original version is on the review (higher quality). This target is 20 yards away. In this shot I hit the bullseye center. I could not make out the flight of the arrow even zoomed and in slow motion. I would be able to see the deer I am sure however. There is quite a bit of vibration as I release the arrow.

Any thoughts on this one guys ?

What is the best camera for an amateur who can't spend too much money? I ordred a proffesional camera from E-Bay, and when it came in, it did not even work! I guess that's E-Bay for you. We are in the process of returning it. In the meantime my husband was able to get me a camera at a low cost from where he works, but it is only a small digital camera.
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