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By Mauri740
Hello everyone, I'm Maurizio from Italy! Sorry for my bad english, i don't know it very well, so I hope that you forgive me if I don't write correctly. I'm not a hunter but try to take amazing scene from the wild life with my trail cams.
See you soon!
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By Anthony
I have enjoyed your videos. very good stuff. thanks for posting and welcome to Chasingame. :D

I did notice that the Browning in all the examples has a high pitched buzzing at about 11khz which is annoying. I do not think they all do that.
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By Mauri740
Thanks for the reply. That whistle is very annoying. I've seen some YouTube videos and the Browning Recon Force Platinum make it. The Browning Recon Force Extreme doesn't seem to have this problem, the sound appear without this annoying whistle 11Khz .
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By Mauri740
Not many cell cams in Italy, only some Ltl Acorn in the market (and others cheaper China brands)
I once saw Ltl Acorn 6511WMG-4G but can't use it, because the places where the cams are placed, are't covered by the 3g / 4g service due poor cellular coverage.
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By SwissHunter
Benvenuto sul forum Maurizio.
I can reply the question of Anthony, I live in Switzerland and I use cellular camera, I own three BolyCamera, a Spartan 2G and a Covert 3G Canadian version they all work fine for fine.
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By Ol Arky
Another nice PA buck

Should be another good one.

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