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By elkNairobi
Hello from Nairobi Kenya.

I've been looking for a trailcam that is GPRS (mobile network ) connected and can upload reasonably hi - res images via FTP or email attachment on a timed trigger.... like every 10 minutes.

I have a website,, with a couple dozen webcam scattered throughout Kenya that upload real - time weather, wildlife and scenic views as still photos, not video. Many locations are remote, but Kenya is surprisingly well covered by mobile phone networks. Using a gprs trailcam with a solar panel would replace quite a bit of kit currently required to support an off - grip router and IP type webcam.

I've searched high and low, but have not found the trailcam I need- I can't use MMS, I need a decent emailed or ftp '
image AND a timed trigger. Ltd Acorn comes closest, but does, t have a timed trigger, just motion activated.

Any suggestions? Advice very much appreciated.

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By LibbyLA
I don't know whether the HCO Spartan GoCams are available to you or work in your area, but you can set them to send a higher res photo (1280 x 960) and you can request the full-res version of any photos that you want to see better.

You can set a time lapse interval and you can even set different intervals for two different start-stop time periods. and poke around.
By elkNairobi
Thanks Libby. The Spartan GoCam setup seems to require a site subscription for hosting uploads. In my case I have devloped my own site. All I need is a GPRS trailcam that can upload on a time trigger. Time lapse is often uploaded in one daily session as a GIF video. Not suitable for real-time weather monitoring.

I've enquired about simply purchasing the GoCam, but I suspect it's hard-coded into their proprietary site. This is a fairly common business model- not much use to me.

Again, thanks for the suggestion.

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By LibbyLA
I'm not sure what you mean by site subscription. There are three different ways that photos can be sent from the camera. Two are through their server, one is through whatever SMTP server you care to use. Only the premium option requires a subscription fee and hosts the pictures on another web site. The other two options deliver the photos to phone, email, whatever you specify.

These cameras don't upload video. I haven't tried time lapse with ours, but I think you would just get a photo every 10 minutes (or whatever interval you set).

Before dismissing that as an option, you should probably contact the company and ask questions that relate to your specific situation.

FWIW, on this site is a page where photos are being uploaded from some people's GoCams.
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