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By grsims20
Hi guys! New member here.

Firstly, I'm not a game hunter (waterfowl!) so I hope you'll welcome me here anyway. Secondly, I have a bit of a unique application for a trail cam, for which I'm hoping for a little advice. My father owns a house in the mountains of North Georgia, and he gets bears on the porches (upstairs and downstairs), but he almost never sees them. So for Christmas, I want to buy him a trail cam or two so he can see his bear friends visit.

So the reason I need help is this: He uses his porches all the time, so if he mounts trail cameras, the memory card is going to be full of pictures of him, and the batteries are going to die in no time. Does anyone make a trail camera you can program to start at a certain time? Say, 10pm? The bears visit at night while he's asleep, so that's the only time the cameras really need to be on. Thoughts??

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By T-post
Hi Greg...Welcome to ChasingGame!

The Spartan SR1 allows you to set up to two different on-off periods of operation. It's available in an invisible "black flash" or an IR flash which will light up like a red brake light on a car. I'd advise getting the black flash since bears are curious critters, and you don't want them destroying the camera.
Here's a link: ... lular.html

By grsims20
Thanks for the advice, guys! Now I know I need to target something with the invisible IR flash. The Spartan is obviously the cheaper of the two, and is probably plenty for this application. I'll post some shots of the bears if he gets any!
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By LibbyLA
You'll probably want a security box. Custom1Enterprises (a vendor here) make a heavy duty security box. You also will probably want to mount the camera high and pointed down to lessen the chance the bears will meddle with the camera, because meddle they will.
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