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Alright, I know this may not exactly be related to hunting or game, but I'm looking for a trail cam and figured this would be the best place to ask.

I've got a neighbor problem. We've had problems with our neighbors before and I suspect it may be one of their people hanging around their house a lot. They have lots of traffic and the other night I went out of my back door and saw someone take off sprinting across their front yard, jump into a van and go speeding off. Never have seen that before. I'm looking for a no-glow/no flash trail cam to basically put on the inside of my 6 foot tall gate that is a chain link fence. It is directly in front of my driveway and 6-8 feet in front of the car. Someone has been messing with the driver side door handle and removed (looks like maybe with a screwdriver to lightly pry it off) the corner piece of the door handle as if attempting to do something with the handle to get into the car. They didn't mess with the lock portion, just the corner of the handle. They apparently stole that part, too...don't see it anywhere on the driveway. I'm also considering a regular security camera of some type to put on the side of the house, but I don't want to climb up and down the ladder every day to check a memory card and I can't have one wired directly into the house. The wifi/solar powered security cams and all of that don't seem very good.

I'm looking for a reasonably priced trail cam to basically zip tie to the fence in line with the driver side. I know that the quality cams cost considerably more. I need decent video/photo capabilities to be able to see a human body/face in as much detail as possible, but at the same time I don't want to spend hundreds on it. I know that a lot of cams seem to wash out detail from some of the samples I have seen from some cams. My understanding is that there are also various cam flash types. Some flash red, some white, etc. I read an article the other day that said there were 4 or 5 flash types. I want to say that I read that the "white" flash gave the most detail when I saw their sample photo of a deer, but I need someone to confirm that in general if you can. I'm not sure if I remembered that correctly.

As high of a MP rating and video quality as possible, but also as low of a price as I can get to where those meet in the middle to not be ridiculous. It wouldn't really be noticed on the fence because other stuff kind of obscures it in the shadows.

First of all, nearly all cameras on the market use the exact same mega-pixel. Allow that to sink in... yet they are advertised at anywhere from 12MP to 30+MP. Under the hood its the same thing.

Rule: You're getting swindled by marketing folks if you start shopping based on the advertised mega-pixels. Don't do it. just look at the photos and compare. MP rating is a worthless number.

Read this article I wrote about that subject: ... e-quality/

Flash: Infrared comes in two types - red and black. red looks like a tail light when it is going off. White flash uses a strobe (incandescent) flash or can be full spectrum "white" leds. These provide color at night but both are bright visible lights to a bad guy or intruder.

Now. You probably want black flash because the "bad" guys can't see the flash go off. This is the most challenged flash technology because the least amount of light is going into the camera lens.

It means you aren't going to get beautifully detailed night shots when subjects are 20+ feet away. I am not sure if a face is going to be recognizable at distances.

Do you need instant notification when something happens? Use a cellular camera. This way you can see what is going on in real time from inside your house or even when you are not home. If not then, non-cellular.

Most cameras have good trigger speed these days. Battery life won't be an issue since the camera is in your yard. Good image quality for photo and video is probably your top qualification. I would probably rule out the low end cameras under $100. For non-cellular, I would target Bushnell or Browning. I have not tested a Stealth Cam in a while so I can't form an opinion there.
At first I was going to look into a wi-fi trail cam option so that I could pull images from it via local wi-fi on my cell phone and check up on it at various times of the night. Those "exist"...but they're like $300-$400 and up, most or all require cell phone service, have an antennae that sticks up and such. Didn't seem worth it. Especially for potential that it could be stolen given that I would need to put it on the gate about 10 feet from the car door.

I'm still considering a trail cam to be closer, but I'm also additionally thinking of a 4-cam full security system ($189 with 1080P, a 1TB hard drive and 4 cameras) with infrared to mount on the house near the roof just because of all of the riff-raff going on next door. So I might end up doing both the system and a trail cam to get a closer image of who is messing around out there. Got some really interesting stuff going on around here.
I use these for home security ... era-system
Camera works on two AA lithium batteries and last up to two years and can be placed 100 feet from wifi router. Instant notification (within 10 seconds) on your smart phone via the App. Has HD video and really good audio. Also, recommend multiple outdoor motion detection flood lights.
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