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By Zorbacop
Hello everyone. I am from the Netherlands, that very small country in Europe.
I am very new into trail camera.
Because I visit a lot of European countries (I don't fly) with a lot of nature, I wanted to capture animals in the wild on camera.
Last year I bought on Amazone in the US a brand new Moultrie Panoramic 150 gamecamera.
Did most of all capture myself on the camera and once the neighbours cat in my garden, using my garden as his toilet.
I hope to learn more here and get some tips about the Moultrie cam.
By Zorbacop
WE are glad to have you and post up some pictures when you get something interesting :D

Anthony you asked for it. These "wild" animals are in my garden. :D
By i82much
Hi all - first post here, in WA state. I spend a lot of time in north Idaho. I've attached an older pic of a wolf that I captured a number of years ago. I try to get my cameras out every year before hunting season but it is a long drive, probably four hours from my doorstep to where we hunt in the Idaho Panhandle Nat'l Forest.
BlackWolfInFront.jpg (197.77 KiB) Viewed 4352 times
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By reaperman
You got the black wolf? How cool!! At first glance I thought it was a bear. I'd love to live in a area that has the possibility to photograph all of the different species of animals in your area. I hope you will post a lot of photos for us to see, welcome.
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By Anthony
I am the owner of Ridgetec Outdoors cameras and we have the #1 cellular camera right now as rated by Trailcampro. Let me know if you want any information also, look in the Ridgetec discussion forum and there are quite a few posts about the product and information there. WE have a good many Ridgetec users here too.
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