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By dhunter
Im rather new to this & we're heading up next weekend for our first "pull" which we deployed 5 weeks ago & I was wondering if someone could explain or point me to an explanation of how to share my pics & videos on this site coming off an iMac computer? I have A couple of Plotwatchers out plus an M-80 & a Primos 35 from last years model.
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By NantucketShedHunter
You most likely have iPhoto preinstalled on your Mac, You can use that to store all your trail camera pictures. A lot of the guys here use a photo hosting site called Photobucket to share their pictures here.
By dhunter
Thanks .... I do store all my pics in iPhoto but do you know how to upload a pic from there onto this site to share them... It says file too large to download. I have a couple of pics from last season to share also.
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By NantucketShedHunter
Export the pictures you want to post here to your desktop. Doesn't matter what size. Then go to Photobucket and upload the pictures from your desktop to Photobucket. When you are done with that, check off the pictures you want to share here and choose an action. Choose "get link code." Then choose the "IMG for bulletin boards & forums." The codes will be copied automatically to your Mac. When you are ready to include the pictures to your post just go to edit on your top tool bar and hit paste. The image codes will be pasted into your post.
By dhunter
Thank you so much ... I'll give it a geaux!

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