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By Cutter
Been using this JPG photo resizer program for a good while now. It will come in handy guys when you have several photos to resize. When you download the program its named PhotoResize400.exe. Say your wanting all your photos 640x480 to post on the website. Just rename the PhotoResize400.exe to PhotoResize640x480.exe. Then just put the PhotoResize640x480.exe in the folder where you photos are you want resized. Select the photos you want to resize and drag them on top of the PhotoResize640x480.exe. It will make new resized photos without changing your originals.

Best of all its a free program.

Download it here:

Read about it here:

I wasn't sure where to post this someone may want to move it somewheres else.

By cxl1
Here is the home page for my all-time favorite FREE picture/video utility:

This allows for resizing, cropping, converting file formats, etc. GREAT, GREAT UTILITY!!! I like it so much I donated!!!!

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