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By hookedoncameras
Looks good. The animals seem to ignore the IR light at night and that is good.
By Crosshair
I couldn't believe how loud your audio was compared to my M-80. Then I read below the vid where it states the audio has been "enhanced". I can barely hear the audio from my M-80 and the deer in my area are much less tolerant of the big red brake light. Now I use it on pic mode only and the deer still do not like the brake light.
By good ol rb
Yes, I used my video editing software to enhance the sound by a lot. The Moultrie people would be smart to come up with a better idea for a microphone. The single hole in the bottom of the case does not cut it. It should be pointing outward on the front of the case. I don't know if anyone tried a hack or not to get better performance.

As for the deer not spooking I do have images of a real nice buck that stomped and glared at the camera when he saw it on his second visit. I have not seen him since. I readjusted the camera higher on the tree at a 45 degree angle and have not had a problem with deer spooking..
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