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By tbone303
I hated to see them eating him while he is still alive, but that's mother nature i guess, that's how it goes
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By AlaskanHunter
The click and wait for many seconds for every one of the 200 photos is painfully slow.

Is the deer using that camera flash to help scare off the coyotes? It looks like it worked for a couple hours until the deer left the camera and got bit up some more.

Impressive on how fast a coyote or two can open up the carcase. Vicious little creatures! Probably would have had a faster killing action had this been a black flash camera but on the flip side the deer would not have stayed in the camera view without the protection of the flash.
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By Anthony
Without predators (or Hunters or Vehicles) the alternative is for the deer population to skyrocket and end with a large startvation + die off. Then the cycle would repeat, explosion + famine and die off. I think slow starvation is more cruel than relatively quick death of the old and weak.

This is why they introduced wolves into yellowstone I think.
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By wv-outdoor
AlaskanHunter.... I believe if I remember correctly from the article I read on this. Is that the trail camera owner who captured these said that the surrounding area is very thick and that he was thinking the buck felt he could better defend itself in the open. Compared to the dense vegetation surrounding the location, reason for the camera to being placed there. Also that the deer seemed very fatigued in the photos from probably a long chase and that eventually it didn't have enough energy to continue. The guy did find the remains in the surrounding area and everything including part of the developing antlers were eaten.
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By mattpatt
I work with the guy to sold these pics to Deer and Deer Hunting Magazine.
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By NantucketShedHunter
The click and wait for many seconds for every one of the 200 photos is painfully slow.

Way too slow. I gave up after two pictures.
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By tbone303
I couldn't watch it all. Nature sure can be cruel at times. ... id=3483926

can someone tell me where this video resides ? " Coyotes eat Buck alive "

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