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By Mjn1979
My kids have been excited for the warmer weather and fishing. Here is a short video of my kids landing a few fish at the local pond. It was the first day of trout season yesterday,and with the high waters and lots of anglers on the water, we opted to head to the pond.
By 651
Oh my gosh that was intense!! Reminds me of when my kids were little and the trips to the pond.
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By Passingthrough
Isn't it funny. We parents get just as excited if not more than the kids. Makes video taping difficult at times :D
Good show!
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By hazelvillebucks
now that was multitasking at its finest. the essence of life./;',
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By wv-outdoor
A great day outdoors!!! Very nice
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By cosmos24
that was right on cue Matt!
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By slay
I think sunfish and bluegills from a small pond hold some of my best memories with my children.
Thanks for posting it Matt. Your doing all the right things.
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By Mjn1979
Thanks for the kind words. We ended up going out again tonight,and my daughter ended up outfishing the boys.She landed 13 bluegills and is only 3 yrs old. My 5 year old ended up catching 5 fish,and one was a 13 inch largemouth. My oldest is 8 and ended up with only one bluegill, but was fishing with lures and they larger fish just were not biting much.
By dhunter
Priceless! 4 both u & the children! If more parents would just spend more quality time like this ...the whole world would be better off! Thx 4 sharing the love
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