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By LibbyLA
I'm not a video person but I wanted some videos of Tripod moving so we set up our spare SR1-BK to take 30 second videos. Don't remember the interval, but 30 seconds to a minute, I think. Put 12 EBL 2800 mAh rechargeables in it.

All these clips are unedited, uploaded straight to YouTube. It looks like when the batteries reach a certain voltage, the camera takes shorter (sometimes MUCH shorter) videos, but daytime videos were always 30 seconds. The camera has an external battery on it now so that will tell me more about video length. There were 186 videos from 2 weeks, and I didn't change the batteries (it was showing 2 bars) until the next day so there were 9 or 10 more.

Set to 720P. I don't like the annoying clunk at the beginning of the clips but I've heard it with the Bushnells we used to run for video. Easy enough for me to edit out. There's not a lot of sound on these, except for engine noise on two of the videos and a crow cawing on the turkey video.

This could certainly use an extender but we aren't that concerned about great quality video so it is what it is. Videos with everything in the distance are very dark. Videos with small furry critters triggering from under the camera and heading away tend to be dark. Larger animals fairly close to the camera are fairly well lit. There are several distances represented, including a deer so close to the camera that you can see the large insect crawling on the top of her neck.

daytime, equipment 1:" target="_blank

daytime, equipment 2:" target="_blank

daytime, friend and dog walking by:" target="_blank

daytime, fog or drizzle (listen), deer running:" target="_blank

daytime, fog, turkeys (listen for crow, sounds just like being there):" target="_blank

twilight, several deer walking down the hill:" target="_blank

night, deer grazing/standing in front of the camera:" target="_blank

night, two deer walking down the hill:" target="_blank

night, deer right up on camera, watch the bug on her neck:" target="_blank

night, two deer going up the hill:" target="_blank

night, deer coming back down the hill:" target="_blank

night, two deer grazing, pretty sure that's Tripod coming in from the right, showing some sass. (He's the only buck that's lost antlers so far and he was at the feeder to the right a minute or so before this was taken):" target="_blank

night, deer chewing:" target="_blank

night, deer standing in front of camera:" target="_blank

night, deer walking/standing in front of camera:" target="_blank
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