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that was great. you'd better watch out they might be waiting for ya next time you go to refresh the apples
I think I made it too hard for the coons so they gave up! 4 days and no activity. May have to go back to scratch on this one. Coons will only put out so much effort for reward,I guess.
Sure didn't think I had recruited quitters. :?
New setup with pvc rollers on conduit.
I changed things up a bit. Took off the roller on the right and wired the thing solid again. Appled it all up.
I had placed a bucket under the hanging apples to see if they would use it to get at them....DUH !!
Here is a short clip of pics I got since the 9th. No videos at all.
This is the last series. I need to dedicate more cams and time for velvet pics.

I will try to get it set back out this fall. :lol:
great job and thanks.
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By Cutter
Thanks Cwensk for all the time and effort you put into all these videos :!: :D

We all sure loved them and you did a awesome job on them :!: 8)

Can't wait to see some of those velvet bucks your going after now! :D
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By cwensk
Wow, over a 1000 views. I guess it's time to start up a new series. :lol:
I'll have to wipe the dust off the old coontraption and get it back out again.
Probably set the SG550 on it. Need to come up with a close place to set it up as it doesn't rebait itself.
May have something in a week or 2. :mrgreen:
Just bringing this back up for those of you who may not have seen it.
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By bobcat
Hilarious!! You nailed it with the song also............:D

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