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Please start accumulating and saving your best pictures for another slide show for this fall. At some pooint, like when all the major camera testing is over with, I will start accepting pictures to create a slideshow but for now, make sure you are saving "your best".

I will announce on this thread details about when I am ready to accept the pictures from you.


Please submit photos to the following email address: (coded for antispam)

slideshow <the at symbol goes here>


a) Make sure you pick your 2 or 3 best of photos the first time (I dont have time for substitutions)
b) Please resize them to a maximum size of 1024x768 prior to sending them. If they are already within this range then leave them as is.
c) To avoid issues with your ISP, please send each photo in its own email
d) In the first email, please include: your name, your forum name, county/state pics are from

Also, in case you do not know about this or have not done so, please join our mailing list. I rarely send you an email but when I do it is a newsletter or something important like this slideshow.

Click here to join the mailing list:

Well folks here it is, the completed slideshow:

DVD Quality:

Medium Quality

Low Quality
I need some feedback on this project. Is everyone interested in doing this again like we did last year ?

I am surprised I got no reponse on this thread.....
I am relatively new to this sight but I am in if you will have me?

Perch Hunter

I've never done this before. What do you consider a "best of" picture? Are you looking for content, picture quality, etc; For example, it is pretty neat to get gobblers fighting this close to the camera, but the lighting isn't the best:


Again, it is pretty cool to get foxes fighting, but the motion blur really distracts from the picture quality:



We are not voting on anything here. I am just getting feedback to see if members are interested in having me put together this years member slide show.

Last year Southerocker, made me a sound track personally. ie. it was not copyrighted material like those bands you mentioned or at least I had the right to use it.

a "Best of" photo is determined by you, the owner, not me (your personal favorites). Ultimately you will choose 2 or 3 of your favorites (they should be critters not a girl who walks by in a bikini) and they should be from you trail camera and from 2008 calendar year.
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