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This is what I got using Microsoft Outlook.
Beleieve me, it was even worse than this in the large format. Maybe it's my new outlook. I liked express a whole lot better.

2008 Chasingame Member "Best of"

Its that time of year again. We need your "best of" photos for
this year's video production.

December 15, 2008

Please submit photos to the following email address:
(coded for antispam)

slideshow <the at symbol goes here>


Make sure you pick your 2 or 3 best of photos
the first time (I dont have time for
Please resize them to a maximum size of
1024x768 prior to sending them. If they are
already within this range then leave them as is.
To avoid issues with your ISP, please send
each photo in its own email
In the first email, please include: your name,
your forum name, county/state pics are from

We hope that you will find this project fun and interesting. After all pics are in I will begin to create the video production. when we are complete I will post news on the home page, the forum and as a mailing.

Thanks, Staff.
[quote="Anthony"]This is what I got from the mailing using Outlook Express. Should I send it again as plain text just to be safe ????

Mine is Microsoft Office Outlook....and it looked nuttin like what you show.
I know when you were first testing the mass email system, I got an email that was broken up also, then you changed something and it looked great.
I just sent another one. Lets see if it looks any better.... sorry :oops:

My server hit the 3000 email/day limit. Some my not have recvd the second one
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