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It is 9 minutes as it is. If I added 2 more seconds to each pic it would be 15 minutes long and the file size would double. some peoples attention span is not as good as others either.

Try Right Click the link and "Save target as..." and put it on your computer then watch over and over again. Thats what I did to make sure I saw them all. You can always pause it too.
Yep they started coming in after we changed the due date to 12/15 and sent a mass mailing about it. I think I will send another mass email with the links to the slideshow for everyone too.
Totally Awesome.Took me a looooong time to download.I am still on dial up.I have watched it 4 times already.Some very good pics these cams are getting.Hope I am around for next years show.Thanks so much for putting this together for everyone to enjoy.I like your taste for music too. :) Excellent job. David
Oh NO WAY.This is my favorite site.I should have said if the Good Lord willing that I am still around. :oops: David
#80252 pic's say Chisago county MO .....and should be Minnnesota :roll:

I have fixed this and will be uploading a new slideshow with the state fixed.
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