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By dman95
so did it help urs to
By Bowhnreaz1
I just put the unit back out. In checking by using the IR AIM feature, its consistently hitting at further distances, so yes, it did help the sensitivity issue.
By Konk
How have your cameras been performing since you did the sensitivity fix.
By Bowhnreaz1
It did help the sensitivity a bit, maybe out to 30-35 ft. A little more than before. My main problem w/ both the 100 & 200 are the overexposed pix, which are about 50% of daylight shots. I don't see the sense in sending either back in chancing getting something worse judging by reading some of the posts on these cameras. Ofcourse the warranty on my 100 is void now that I did the sensitivity fix.

Oh well, next time I'll spend a few hundred more and get something that works good.
Not being a electrical camera tech I don't know the terminology and how they are built. The Moultrie booklet only shows the infrared sensor. Does the mentioned fensal lense cover the infrared sensor. What is the difference in the new Fensal lense and the Fensal lense already in the camera? PIX shows three lenses. The replacement PIX lense is the PIR right?
Any ideas to increase the light sensitivity so the flash doesn't go off in good daylight times and white out the pictures?
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