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I saw this stuff in the Cabela's Bargain Cave today. I'm guessing this is the product you are using.

I find the guy's review of the product sort of funny. Very similar results to those you have experienced.

C'Mere Deer Shake N Take

I think it's this ... ISO-8859-1
Well real quick, day one and two, nothing. Day 3 A nice 10, a decent 8, and a spike. Unfortunatley I am done hunting up north and had to pull the camera, so I wont know if bucks keep comming in. The 8 and 10 came in early 2:30am and 4:15 am. The spike came in while I was sitting and he stayed for 45 minutes. I had corn out also and the spike didnt touch the corn, only the CMere Deer.

I was going to buy this again for where I will be gun hunting but they were all out. I will definatly try this again.

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